Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Ugly Ugly Human. She belongs In A Nursing Home For Being Simply Ugly.

Cleveland, The Cabal, Crime, and Civil Conflict

The Cabal WANTS the Republican Convention to erupt into anarchy. They have money on it, lots of money. THOSE people who own the Federal Reserve, Wall street, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, are getting the TV and print media cameras ready to show the nation what THEY say Mr. Trump represents. Make no mistake about it, the Cabal runs our country, not Washington. The more violent the confrontations in Cleveland, the better for Mrs. Clinton and her financial backers. Like a silent cancer the Cabal has invaded our government and put our nation Trillions of dollars in debt. And like a Crime syndicate they will never go away.
IF Mr. Trump is assaulted or worse in the coming weeks and months, America will know who was behind it.