Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ogard 2nd

Sunday, February 22, 2015

American Currency Is Worthless: Dead Bankers Don't Lie BUY GOLD

The Paper Men 

From a massive brick building in a major American city, a short fat little man popped out of a side door like a champagne cork. He stumbled a bit as he tried to get away with his slick black briefcase. Moments later as he turned down the next asphalt street in the late of night,  he looked back and saw the other man gaining ground on him. A football field away was his car waiting like a bunker. His 9 mm Beretta was locked and loaded in the side door compartment. His mind raced with a million numbers. He could not believe what he had discovered. And his supervisor now chased him after this impromptu late night meeting. Why is such a big city so empty at night, he nervously thought. He had difficulty breathing and felt waves of anxiety rush over him like a bad flu virus. He was almost there now, so close to safety, but suddenly half his genius brain simply stopped functioning and he fell to the floor of the street. He went black, all black. And dead. A pool of warm blood dripped onto the rough worn road. When the police finally found his body, the briefcase had evaporated as if it never existed. But now there it was, on the desk of his boss who sat in front of a computer at the Federal Reserve Bank. The dead man's electronic files were being deleted, scores of them. What this dead man had electronically stumbled upon before his early cessation of life, was a Secret Intranet within the Federal Reserve Banking System of America. The FRBS had two sets of 'books'. One for the John Q. Public, and the other for The Paper Men. You see, this man lost his life because of a dangerous secret. The United States of America is not in debt 16 Trillion dollars. The amount of fake currency the dead man had discovered the FRBS had digitally transferred throughout the world was a staggering 317 Trillion Dollars. He had discovered the greatest threat to US National Security. Money didn't have to be printed, only digitally accounted for, or in this case unaccounted. The Paper Men had raped the American people. Days later at the man's grave site, his attorney handed his widow a package. In it was a note of undying love for her and something else. A flash drive marked with a poorly drawn Skull and Bones.